My at work was featured in the Metrosource Magazine at 100 World Trade Center on the Observatory Deck New York 👍🏽💯

This one of my greatest piece of work yes it’s for sale for serious buyers only.

Now this is how champagne is supposed be poured!

Ryan, thank you for your generosity I had a great time....

Wow! I’m right next to the winner Dave Jester. His work speaks for itself. Wow!

There goes my beautiful wife again.

Another great artist Logan Benedict. Now this is a great artist his work is very serious. I’ll definitely stay in touch great guy!

Love your work Bridgette can’t wait to see more.

Ryan thank for introducing Meredith to me. Meredith, It was a pleasure meeting you. I really loved the way you love my piece. You really made my night. Thank you....

I know he will help me with the Harlem galleries can’t wait. I really forgot his name but a great guy...

Now I’m just having fun...

Ivan, your art is just great! It was a pleasure meeting you and your work. Who knew that Jester, you and my work would be the discussion to represent “Reclaiming My Pride” next year we’ll try again. Love you guys....

Another honorable mention artist forgot his name sorry about that. Had a great time

The announcement moment pretty nervous. Congratulations David Jester. Your work is great

Believe it or not 102nd floor at the One World Observatory

Those white dots are Sale Boats

Just having a great time

World Trade Center Art Showing on the Observation Deck 2018!
Reclaiming My Pride. Enjoy....

Melody 04.02.2020 05:27

I Love Art and Love your work.

Laura Noser 26.01.2020 17:08

Hi chucky! This is laura I met you to in Lowell’s !

Charles Caldwell 31.08.2018 10:32

Okay Karen. My apology for the late response. I am looking forward to having my work in your collection as well.

karen wellsj 25.08.2018 03:10

beautiful. Want you in my collection fot sure

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04.11 | 00:18

Hi Charles, I watched the documentary clip. Your artwork is amazing, and I feel that your best is yet to come as you continue to create from your heart.

10.02 | 19:09

Hi Mr. Caldwell my name is Victoria Dooley how does one get in touch with you to do a collection for them I can be reached at 612-407-9887

16.02 | 04:28

Wow! Truly intriguing concepts..Continue creating masterpieces!

04.02 | 05:27

I Love Art and Love your work.