Revlon Nail Center Custom Floor Unit

Fabricated Floor Display

Custom Frame For Chair

Front View Sketch

End Cap

Open Table Top


Key Finder

B&W Sketch for the Grave Finder.

Aroma Specialty Scented Plate

Aroma Specialty Scented Plate LLC. Plate with Protective Open Face Plastic Cap

Aroma Specialty Scented Plate LLC. Custom Counter Display Unit #8ct.

The Artist Razor Cutting Blade

The Artist Razor Cutting Blade II

The Artist Razor Motor

The Artist Razor Sketch

The Artist Razor

You'll have to give me your emailing address if you'd like to view the PDF specs.

Latest comments

04.11 | 00:18

Hi Charles, I watched the documentary clip. Your artwork is amazing, and I feel that your best is yet to come as you continue to create from your heart.

10.02 | 19:09

Hi Mr. Caldwell my name is Victoria Dooley how does one get in touch with you to do a collection for them I can be reached at 612-407-9887

16.02 | 04:28

Wow! Truly intriguing concepts..Continue creating masterpieces!

04.02 | 05:27

I Love Art and Love your work.