Caldwell's Accolades

Unity Magazine February 2019 issue Thank you for loving my art...

Metrosource Magazine August 2018 issue. This was an exciting event. Yes! One World Trade Center on the Observation Deck. I was definitely in my environment. Mad love over here...

Star ledger News Paper

Inspire Magazine. I had a great time with the members of this exciting magazine. Thank you you’ll be missed

Grammy winner Wiclef jean Mural for MTV Cribs. Wow! I had such a great time painting in there beautiful home. Thanks Claudinette and Wyclef for commissioning me.

Star Ledger baby boyyyy!!!! Mad love....

Star Ledger more love that’s whats up!!!! Can you believe that that little girl was only 7 years old. No one believed that she actually illustrated that van... wow! she actually comprehend everything I taught her.... excellent work

Daily Record mad love for yah Kevin! Thanks

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Latest comments

04.11 | 00:18

Hi Charles, I watched the documentary clip. Your artwork is amazing, and I feel that your best is yet to come as you continue to create from your heart.

10.02 | 19:09

Hi Mr. Caldwell my name is Victoria Dooley how does one get in touch with you to do a collection for them I can be reached at 612-407-9887

16.02 | 04:28

Wow! Truly intriguing concepts..Continue creating masterpieces!

04.02 | 05:27

I Love Art and Love your work.